With a decade of experience spanning various industries, I have honed my expertise in photography and graphic design to conceptualize, create, and develop a distinct visual language for my clients. My goal is to craft unique and impactful imagery that aligns with their vision.

Whether you are a small business, a well-established institution, or an individual seeking captivating portraits or coverage of your wedding or family events, rest assured that my bespoke photographs will elevate your purpose and leave you delighted with the results.

My photographic journey began back in 1975 when I first acquired a camera, a Minolta. However, it was in 1999, upon my move to London, that I truly immersed myself in the world of photography and became a professional photographer.

The vibrant and creative atmosphere of London provided me with countless opportunities to refine and expand my skills, while also gaining valuable experience in the media and business sectors. As a photographer, I rely on Nikon cameras and lenses, and when it comes to capturing street photos, the iconic Fujifilm 100X holds a special place in my heart.

In addition to my expertise in street photography, I also have extensive experience in documenting weddings and family events. If you are seeking a wedding storyteller, rest assured that with my camera and experience, I can bring your vision to life and create unforgettable memories.

Professional Experience: • Freelance Photographer (1975 - present) • Political Events:

  • Protest against the visit of Donald Trump in London (photos published in major London newspapers)
  • Official photographer of the Notting Hill Carnival in London for 18 years
  • Official photographer of 12 editions of the Pride in London. Also a reporter for the Pride events in Warsaw, Brussels, and Alessandria. • Reporter of political events in London (2000 - present)
  • Coverage of anti-Brexit marches, protests against the visit of the Pope, the Iraq War, and other political demonstrations
  • Publication of reports in international magazines • Stage Photography for Theatre and Cinema (2005 - present) • Coverage of concerts and international music festivals:
  • Glastonbury, United Kingdom
  • St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Gdansk, Poland • Reportage of public events for magazines and event organizers (2000 - present) • Published in international publications such as New York Times, Vancouver Sun, Time Out, Londonist, Sky News Italy, Lattitudes, and more.

If interested in my services for weddings, personal portraits, baptisms, and other family events, I am available in the areas of Alessandria, Asti, Pavia, Genoa, Turin, Alba, Novara, Vercelli, and other locations upon request.

I work for international agencies such as Getty, Alamy, and others.



"Don't let special moments fade into oblivion. Choose my photography service for international public events and create unforgettable memories that will be admired worldwide. Contact me today and transform your events into extraordinary experiences!"